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Bankroll management in poker

Playing poker is all about discipline and bankroll management in poker is the most important discipline in the game.  Think about it, unless you want to play poker with fake money online, then you are going to need to have real money.  The more money you have the higher limits you can play.  If you want to move up in the poker world, then you need to be very cautious of how you manage your bankroll.
Your bankroll is money you can afford to lose. No matter what level you are playing at, you can’t bite off more than you can chew.  As you get better, your bankroll will expand because you will be making more money and can afford to lose some games.  Bills and taking care of you comes first, and poker money should fall into your entertainment funds.
How well you manage your bankroll will determine the level of poker you will play.  You need to make sure you can cover all the games you want to play.  The higher limits offer higher payouts, but you need to able to cover a bad run of cards so you can keep playing and making money.  A poker player is no good on the sidelines.  If you find yourself with a string of bad luck at the table don’t be afraid to go down to a lower limit table. The most important aspect is to stay in the game and that directly correlates with your bankroll management.
There are a handful of people that use their poker bankroll money for a myriad of different activities.  This is the quickest way to lose your funds and start using money you’re not supposed to play poker.  Do not use your bankroll money to gamble on different games or nights on the town.  Don’t play craps, blackjack, or buy a round of drinks for your friends or strangers using your poker bankroll.  Taking money out of your bankroll is the exception rather than the rule.  If you have a big win, take yourself out to a nice dinner to celebrate, and think of what you did right and what you did wrong during the game.  This money needs to last during the droughts, if you want to play poker for the long haul.  Once you become an expert and can better predict your bankroll, then you start spending lavishly and enjoying life with your winnings.
Most players do not see bankroll management in poker playing as an essential element of the game, and that’s why there aren’t that many great poker players.  Protecting your bankroll can make the difference between an average poker player and a good poker player, and can make a good poker player into a great player.  Which do you want to be?
Author: Abscident
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