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Poker payment methods

The banking system is very important for the online poker industry. Without the possibility to deposit and withdraw funds there wouldn't have been online poker at all. The poker rooms need fast and reliable payment methods so the players can enjoy playing for real money. There are some important aspects when talking about banking options: security, transaction speed, fees and accessibility.
Fastest paying poker rooms
Some of the poker rooms are very fast in processing withdrawal requests, while others are slower and will take days or even weeks before they process your cash out request. While you can rest assured that you will be paid at all the poker rooms endorsed on our site, there are only a selected few that are very fast in processing cashouts. If you want to have your poker winnings in your bank account or e-wallet as fast as possible, you should choose one of the following poker rooms: Carbon Poker, Bet365 Poker, Bet Online, and Poker Stars .
Most common poker payment methods
The most common method of using money on the internet is the Credit Card (and Debit Card as well). Depositing with Credit Cards is easy, but withdrawing on a card can be more difficult. Not all the card operators accept dealing with gambling, and not all the gambling operators are able to process withdrawals directly on a card. This is why one of the most convenient payment option is using an e-wallet. E-wallets can be filled with a card, and money from e-wallets can be credited back to the card or to the owner's bank account. Using e-wallets is very safe, since you don't need to use your card on any website, the fees are small and the processing time is very fast. Almost any poker room accepts the major e-wallets.
Here are the most common payment methods used by the poker rooms:
- Credit Cards and Debit Cards
- Wire transfers
- E-Wallets: Moneybookers, Neteller, Click 2 Pay, Web Money, etc.
- E-Wallets for US Players
Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Probably the most common method, Credit and Debit Cards are a fast way to deposit to poker websites. Some poker rooms might ask you to send them a copy of your ID or a bank statement to ensure you are the real owner of the Credit Card, so this is not a thing to worry about. The credit cards that work with almost any poker room are Visa, Master Card and Visa Electron. Some poker operators accept usage of Solo, Maestro or Switch cards. Not all poker rooms can process withdrawals to your card, and some cards do not accept funds incoming from gambling operators.
Wire transfers
Wire transfers are a method used only by high rollers, because of the slow processing time and the high fees. Since fees for wire transfers are usually higher than $30, they should be considered only when depositing / cashing out large amounts of money. They are very safe and secure, and this is why they are good for large transfers. This is not a reliable option for low stakes players.
E-Wallets: Moneybookers (Skrill), Neteller, Click 2 Pay, Web Money, etc.
E-Wallet are an excellent payment method for gambling purposes. They work well for almost any poker room, online casino or sportsbook. They are a very safe method of transferring funds online. E-Wallets give you the possibility to transfer funds to other e-wallet owners, not only to companies that use payment processors, so you can even send money to your friends. The processing fees are usually very small, and the transfer time is very fast. Another advantage of using E-Wallets is the safety. You won't need to fill in your card details to any operator. You will deposit money to your e-wallet account, and you will be able to use this money to any website that accepts this payment method.
The most important e-wallets for gambling purposes are Skrill, Neteller, Click 2 Pay and Web Money. There are many other e-wallets on the net, and most of them are used for gambling purposes too. We recommend E-Wallets as the best banking options for poker and gambling in general.
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