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Asian handicap betting

With sports and sporting events gaining popularity and undue fame in the recent past, there have been many intelligent ploys that have been developed to make easy money using the basis of these sporting events. Betting in sports events is one of the main types of such activities and it has to be stated that this kind of betting is happening all over the globe and even on line. The internet is serving to be a playground for such betters, where they fix and argue upon these bets and finally make conclusions on the bet money. While this has caught up all over the world, there are certain areas where this is concentrated as well.
The Asian betting handicap is a simple method of the betting that happens in Asia like any other country and the rules and regulations of the handicap remain pretty much the same. If you are wondering about the name, then it was designed to capture the attention and interests of the Asians, where there is a lot of betting activity potential and other than that there are no major changes to any other handicap that is followed in any other game. The principles and rules are pretty straight forward and as good as any other betting program.
In case of a draw however, there is a refund of the money that has been betted. In the US or UK systems this does not happen unless there has been a bet that has been placed on a draw. This is the advantage of the Asian betting handicap over the other forms of betting handicap. For example if France and Brazil are playing in Germany, then there might be a 9/10 odd and if there is somebody who places the bet on France then there might be somebody else who is betting on Brazil. In other cases of betting, in case this match results in a draw, then both these parties will not get any bet money. This is a big loss for both the parties. In such cases there should be a third party who has bet that there will be a draw, and only that party will win the bet then. However, in case of Asian betting handicap system, in case of a draw in such a match, both the parties will get back the money that they bet on the respective teams, thereby resulting in a no loss situation.
The Asian betting handicap system is a lot simpler and less complicated than the various other forms of betting systems currently in vogue and there are quite a few sites that talk about the tips and tricks to ensure that you make the best bet in this system. Bettors keen on making good money can profit by understanding these techniques.
Author: Keijo Abijuan
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