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Greyhound betting

Betting on an individual’s performance has been a way of life for humanity since the species first evolved. For the most part, people bet their fighting skills were better than that of an opponent, but fortunately for the weaker among us, there are several other options to make money betting on someone – or something’s – performance.
Two of these options, which are fairly similar, are horse and greyhound racing. Greyhounds first came to the United States in the late 1800s so farmers could quickly and easily hunt the small animals, which were destroying their crops. Soon these farmers began competing with each other over whose greyhound was the best. This practice has evolved into the modern track racing which we have today.
If you are an animal lover, there is something you should know before you bet on races. PETA has denounced the practice of greyhound racing because some owners abuse their dogs. Dogs also face problems when they’re too old to race. Unless they are adopted, they will be euthanized.
If you determine you want to bet on racing, the first thing you need to do is find a bookkeeper, which is often called a bookie. Bookies record your bets and everyone else who is betting on a particular race.
When you do place a bet, your goal should be to beat the odds maker and collect some money. There are dozens of different types of bets you can make with your bookie, depending on how their business is run. Below are 4 of the most common types of bets placed in greyhound racing:
Single Win Bet: This is the most straight forward and most common type of bet. You bet on the odds given by the odds maker and only collect winnings if the greyhound you bet on crosses the finish line first.
Place Bet: A place bet is a wager you make where you collect if the greyhound you bet on finishes in the top two places.
Show Bet: If you place a show wager you collect if the greyhound you bet on finishes in third place
Across the Board: You make three bets on one dog as a combination of the three other bets. If your dog wins, you collect money on all three bets. If your dog comes in second, you only collect on Place and Show bets and so on. An across the board bet also costs three times as much, since you’re placing three bets.
Author: Jasmine
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