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Betting on sports
Sports and sports fans go hand in hand all over the world and these sports fans so whatever it takes to follow their favorite sport, sportsmen, or team’s progress. article
Asian Handicap betting
With sports and sporting events gaining popularity and undue fame in the recent past, there have been many intelligent ploys that have been developed to make easy money using the basis of these sporting events. article
How to become a professional bettor
Quitting your day job and living the life of a professional bettor is every gambling man’s dream. Quitting your professional life to become a bettor is a very big plunge and there are a few very important factors you must consider. article
Greyhound betting
Betting on an individual’s performance has been a way of life for humanity since the species first evolved. For the most part, people bet their fighting skills were better than that of an opponent, but fortunately for the weaker among us, there are several other options to make money betting on someone – or something’s – performance. article
Betting against favorite teams
There is a lot more that goes into betting on sporting events then just picking the winner and loser of each game.  Most games include spread betting, which means the pay-off is based on the accuracy of a wager, and not whether a certain teams “wins or loses” the game.  This means that the better team is favored and the inferior team is the underdog in any particular article
Betting on football
Sports are one of America’s favorite past times.  While the rest of the nation’s businesses are floundering, sports continue to bring in fans, revenue, and ratings.  Most fans have a passion for a certain sport or their local teams and enjoy the entertainment that sports provide.  Some people make the games a little more interesting and like to bet a few dollars on article
Betting on horses
Betting on horses is one of the most popular forms of gambling.  How often do we hear older gentleman saying they are “Heading to the track”, or we see them hanging out at an OTB (off track betting) article
Betting on winning outrights
Whenever I think of gambling, Las Vegas is the very first place that comes to my mind.  Vegas is synonymous with gambling, bright lights, and broken dreams.  It causes people to do things they would never dream of doing, such as losing a years salary all in one night.  It is always fun to hear the stories of how people go up against Vegas and take Vegas to the article
Single games vs combined bets
Anytime you put money on a sporting event, you don’t have to bet on just the winner or the loser.  Bookies will allow you to make a bet on almost anything and the greater the odds against you, the bigger the pay out.  Sports are extremely unpredictable and you never know what is going to article
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