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Betting against favourite teams

There is a lot more that goes into betting on sporting events then just picking the winner and loser of each game.  Most games include spread betting, which means the pay-off is based on the accuracy of a wager, and not whether a certain teams “wins or loses” the game.  This means that the better team is favored and the inferior team is the underdog in any particular match.  This is what happens if you bet on the favored team: The favored team will be picked to win by a certain amount of points and if they win by that amount or more, than you will be a winner and can collect your money.
The reason you bet on the favorite team is because they are the better team. If you are going to bet your hard earned money on a sporting event, why wouldn’t you want to go with the best team? Think about it, if the Boston Celtics are playing the Oklahoma City Thunder, you would of course want to bet on the reigning World Champions. They have three Hall of Fame basketball players and one of the top young point guards in the National Basketball Association. And they are going up against a team, who was playing in Seattle last year, under the name of the Supersonics. The Thunder have won about three games all year and are destined to have the worst record in the league. It is a no brainer, you should always bet on the favorite. Not so fast…
Betting against favorite teams is sometimes the better option. America loves an underdog, but little do people know professional athletes relish the opportunity to be the underdog. They love beating the odds and most of them have done it their whole lives. The chances of being a professional athlete are slim to none and most of them get their drive by people who doubt them. And just because they are professionals doesn’t mean that changes. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s basketball players are still professional basketball players. They get paid a lot of money to put the ball in the hoop. They have a very young and inexperienced team, but they continue to get better each and every game. So what happens when the NBA Champs come knocking on their door and they have 20,000 fans in the stands cheering for them? The experts have picked them to lose by sixteen points, but the players on the Thunder are hungry. Their game is on national television and they want to show the country they are not as bad as their record indicates. They go out and play as hard as they possibly can and for the Celtics, it is just another game against an inferior team. The Thunder are more than likely going to lose the game, but if they lose by less than sixteen points and you are betting against the favorite team, the Celtics, then you would win and collect the money.
Betting against the favorite teams has its advantages. The key is to know as much about the game as possible, before you put your money on the line.
Author: Jasmine
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