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Betting on football

Sports are one of America’s favorite past times.  While the rest of the nation’s businesses are floundering, sports continue to bring in fans, revenue, and ratings.  Most fans have a passion for a certain sport or their local teams and enjoy the entertainment that sports provide.  Some people make the games a little more interesting and like to bet a few dollars on games. It raises the stakes and makes each and every game a little more exciting. Betting on games isn’t just picking the winners and losers of each game. If so, then everyone would pick the New England Patriots to win every game this year. That’s not the way it works. There are experts, who for every game, pick who is going to win and how much they are going to win by.
Let’s say you are betting on football. The Patriots are playing the Detroit Lions (currently, the team with the worst record in the NFL) and obviously the Patriots are supposed to win the game. So what are you supposed to bet on? You can’t just bet on whether the Patriots will win, you bet on how much the Patriots will win by.  The experts will look at where they are playing, who’s injured, and what their recent success is. They will determine how many points the Patriots should win by. So say the professionals picked the Patriots to win by 13 points and the Patriots win by 8, if you had picked the Patriots to win by 13 points you would have lost your money. If you would have picked the Lions to win or at least lose by less than 13 points you would be a winner. Sounds simple, huh?  Not so fast.
While there is obvious skill in picking winners, you need to stay informed and closely follow your favorite leagues and teams.  A lot of it comes down to luck.  Some people have it and some people don’t.  You see it every year during college bowl games.  Everyone does an office pool and the college football geek, who watched hundreds of games during the season and loves betting on football, always loses to secretary, who quickly filled out her bracket because she wants to fit in.
It’s important to recognize if you are one of those people with luck.  Because if you’re not, you are going to lose a lot of money fast and your attitude toward putting money on sporting events will quickly sour, but all is not lost.
There is a website called where you can view people’s skill (or luck) at picking games. You can find a person who picks a high percentage of winners and pay them a nominal fee and can view their picks. Then you can bet your money on the games and hopefully watch the money roll in. There are no guarantees in gambling and you need to be very responsible with your money, but it can be very entertaining and exciting. Even if you don’t want to gamble, but pick games just for fun, allows you choose winners for free. And if you are one of those lucky ones, maybe somebody will pay you for your picks.
Gambling has been around for ages and it can make sporting events a lot more fun to watch and maybe they will pay for a round of beers as well.
Author: Keijo Abijuan
© Gambler Awards, 2008
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